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Happiest Couples Sleep An Inch Apart…Agree?

Some couples spoon, others face each other, and some stay on separate sides of the bed. But it turns out, the way you hit the sheets with your partner may reveal how happy you are as a couple. The study, led by Professor Richard Wiseman of University of Hertfordshire, found that it’s possible to tell [...]

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Your Sleep Style Explained

According to some reports, the sleeping position you adopt in bed can tell a lot about your personality. But do you agree? Here are the most common sleep positions and their meanings. Foetus You appear hard faced on the outside but on the inside you are sensitive. Log Sociable and laid-back, you are willing to [...]

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Sleep Your Way To The Top

Preparing for an important exam, presentation or interview? It may be tempting to stay up late the night before, trying to cram information into your head, but DON’T! You will be much better off getting an early night instead. Not only will you be more refreshed when you wake up, you will also be much [...]

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