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How To Sleep Well Over The Santa Season

As the Santa season descends, it’s that time of year when our sleeping patterns go off the rails – too many late nights, excessive eating and drinking and worries over shopping, money, family etc all take its toll. According to a recent survey we lose over 30 hours of sleep over the festive period which [...]

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Shift Work Linked To Obesity

Shift work has certainly been making its mark in the media over the past few weeks. Not only have we seen the reports that antisocial hours can prematurely age the brain and dull intellectual ability but a new study has found that night shift work is linked to obesity as employees who sleep during the [...]

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Children’s Book Giveaway

At the Sleep Council we’re passionate about children and sleep and the right bedtime routines so we’re excited to team up with the duo behind a new bedtime story called Pillow People – and we’ve 10 copies to giveaway. Reading is one of the most preferred ways for both children to wind down at bedtime. [...]

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