Sleep Well For Sleeptember

By Lisa Artis on August 29, 2017

As we hurtle into September and our annual awareness campaign, Sleeptember, we look at how to get a good night’s sleep and why it’s beneficial. Sleep is critical to health and wellbeing and as a nation we really aren’t getting enough. With research telling us that a third of us now sleep for just five-to-six […]

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Switch Off For Sleeptember

By Lisa Artis on August 29, 2017

Get set to switch off gadgets before bed this September as part of our awareness month, Sleeptember. That’s right you heard us! We are urging all of you to put down mobile phones, iPads and tablets – even turn off the TV – as part of our annual campaign that highlights the healthy benefits of […]

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Skipping Sleep To Binge On TV

By Lisa Artis on August 4, 2017

Binge-watching has become a normal viewing habit but latest figures from Ofcom reveal that around 10 million Britons have skipped sleep, or made themselves tired, because of binge-watching. The temptation to stay up to find out what happens next is too much for some and the 16-24 age bracket are the worst culprits – with […]

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The Top 5 Questions We Get Asked!

By Lisa Artis on July 31, 2017

You’re not alone in wanting to know how much sleep you should get a night or if napping is really bad for you. That’s why we’ve put together the top five questions we often get asked, with the answers we always provide. How much sleep should I get a night? This is the question everyone […]

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Want to Sleep Better? Start Your Sleep Journey With Us

By Lisa Artis on July 27, 2017

A good night’s sleep is something we all want but unfortunately we don’t all achieve it. This can be down to many reasons – stress and worry, eating too late, drinking too much, partner disturbance, kids, uncomfortable bed. The list goes on. Ideally most of us would enjoy a good seven to eight hours of […]

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How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep On Holiday

By Lisa Artis on May 12, 2017

This time of year brings lighter evenings, warmer weather and the holiday season! Feeling refreshed and rested are just some of the reasons why people go away, but ensuring better sleep on holiday is important. From unfamiliar environments to irregular bedtimes and the biggest culprit, jet lag, your sleep can get disrupted in many ways […]

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Teach Students To Sleep Well In The Exam Season

By Lisa Artis on May 9, 2017

It may be the spring season, but it’s also exam season. Whether it’s the year 6s taking their SATs, the thousands prepping for GCSEs and A-Levels or the undergraduates sitting their final exams, studying is high on the agenda and sleep? Well sleep is often bottom of the list. While it is extremely important to […]

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Spring Clean Your Bedroom To Help Allergies

By Lisa Artis on April 24, 2017

Allergic conditions such as allergic rhinitis and asthma are often worse at night and the dreaded house dust mite is one of the most common triggers for an allergic reaction. And the hub of these dust mites is your bed – one of their favourite places to live.  It is important to keep your sleep […]

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Spring Forward, Fall Back An Hour!

By Lisa Artis on March 23, 2017

Don’t forget your clocks jump forward this Sunday (March 26) and while we may breathe a sigh of relief that some better weather is on its way (please), we do lose out on an hour of sleep. Although it’s only 60 minutes of kip, it can have a negative effect on your body clock with […]

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By Lisa Artis on March 1, 2017

It’s National Bed Month (March 2017), so what better time to assess the quality of what we spend a third of our lives doing in bed – sleep! That’s the advice from the organisation aimed at helping people get a better night’s kip, The Sleep Council. “We all sleep, but many of us don’t do […]

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